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Become a winner

by having your own Diesel Exhaust Fluid supply

About SCR Solutions

Using innovative technology, SCR Solutions has developed systems especially designed for the production of Automotive Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and industrial urea solutions for SCR and SNCR utilities.

Our focus is to help companies benefit in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid market by giving them the opportunity to have DEF at the lowest possible pricing. With our inline Diesel Exhaust Fluid production units, we guarantee easy and smooth production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid at low prices.

We are specialized in production and filling equipment for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and
other high purity urea solutions. We are the leading and by far the most experienced producer for this equipment, based on many years of experience, going back to 2003.

Automotive DEF production

SCR Solutions offers you the most innovative technology for the production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Increase your profits

You can achieve considerable savings by having your own Diesel Exhaust Fluid supply. Savings are created immediately and in an easy way.

Big potential

The DEF market volumes are already considerable and will continue to grow annually with double digit figures, at least for the coming 10 years. Creating efficiency, combined with the increasing volumes of DEF, makes that Diesel Exhaust Fluid can become one of your main profit contributors. Efficiency created by having your own and optimized Diesel Exhaust Fluid supply.


We are specialized in Diesel Exhaust Fluid production and filling equipment. We are the leading and by far most experienced producer, based on many years of experience, going back to 2003.

Industrial urea solutions

Operators of industrial SCR installations using high quality urea solutions can benefit of unique technology which is a result of years of development giving by far the best solution for localized supply. The technology is unique giving important advantages:

  • Well priced
  • Low labour costs in operation
  • Low depreciation costs
  • Very compact footprint
  • Almost fully automated
  • Can easily be re-allocated
  • Can work with lower water temperature

The systems are small scale, yet have high capacity. Costs for operating industrial SCR can be reduced up to 50%.

Beyond the best DEF production solution technology.

We can assist you with developing your Diesel Exhaust Fluid business, beyond production. We have been active and successful in this industry since 2003, resulting in years of accumulated experiences. We are therefore the specialists. And we are here to help you, beyond getting started with your own production. Using our experience, support can be given from urea supply, quality control, marketing strategy, financing, distribution strategy and competitive strategy.


Most cost-efficient solution for industrial DeNOx

We can assist you beyond production. The most ultimate service solution is the ‘pay as you go model’: we just fill your tanks and you realise an obvious saving. We will ask you just a little space for the equipment. Savings can be considerable and no extra effort is required from your side. You just have your savings. Alternatively, we can assist you with services on finance, urea supply, or operating the machine. Services are available, depending on the country.

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