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SCR Solutions

Using innovative technology, SCR Solutions has developed systems especially designed for the production of Automotive Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and industrial urea solutions for SCR and SNCR utilities.

Our focus is to help companies benefit in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid market by giving them the opportunity to have DEF at the lowest possible pricing. With our inline Diesel Exhaust Fluid production units, we guarantee easy and smooth production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid at low prices.

We are specialized in production and filling equipment for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and
other high purity urea solutions. We are the leading and by far the most experienced producer for this equipment, based on many years of experience, going back to 2003.

In total over 100 operations have been supplied on a global scale with systems for the manufacturing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and the filling stations for DEF. Besides the hardware deliveries, SCR Solutions can support in all aspects of the DEF business. With 15 years’ experience, we share our knowledge to help customers have a successful start.

Besides in the automotive market with Diesel Exhaust Fluid, we are also active in the industrial market, where our focus is on creating savings in operating SCR technology. This refers to industrial SCR installations as well as industrial SNCR installations which are installed on e.g. powerplants, cement plants, glass factories and many others.

SCR Solutions delivers technology, knowledge and raw materials to produce the reactive agents, Diesel Exhaust Fluid for the automotive and high quality urea solution for SCR and SNCR industry, all focused to reduce costs in operating SCR and SNCR.

Services we can offer

A savings study - for free

This will indicate you the potential savings and business potential.



We work with partners giving the possibility to offer a financial solution to our customers, depending on conditions and the country.


We have experience, we use multiple sources able to supply the right quality required for the production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and other high purity urea solutions.

Operational services

Operational services can be provided in certain counties, where we run the machine for you and keep your tanks filled.

Knowledge and experience shared

Customers will benefit from 15 years of experience in automotive Diesel Exhaust Fluid and other SCR markets. This gives many advantages for our customers, e.g. optimize operational costs, cost saving studies, developing quality systems, getting licenses etc.

  • We are active in DEF since the very beginning
  • We have supplied more than 100 Diesel Exhaust Fluid production systems
  • We can help you in setting up a successful DEF operation
  • We provide with Diesel Exhaust Fluid production and DEF filling equipment
  • We share our expertise and experience to make you successful

Beyond the Best DEF production Solution

We can assist you with developing your Diesel Exhaust Fluid business, beyond production. We have been active and successful in this industry since 2003, resulting in years of accumulated experiences. We are therefore the specialists. And we are here to help you, beyond getting started with your own production. Using our experience, support can be given from urea supply, quality control, marketing strategy, financing, distribution strategy and competitive strategy.


Most cost-efficient solution for industrial DeNOx

We can assist you beyond production. The most ultimate service solution is the ‘pay as you go model’: we just fill your tanks and you realise an obvious saving. We will ask you just a little space for the equipment. Savings can be considerable and no extra effort is required from your side. You just have your savings. Alternatively, we can assist you with services on finance, urea supply, or operating the machine. Services are available, depending on the country.

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